Alchemical Spiritual

Chakra Astrologi

A Spiritual Chakra Journey into Learning

The dream of a good life, often takes a wrong turn,
as one lacks knowledge of one's journey,
and his chakra challenges / learnings!

Alchemy is the all-embracing word of all organic energy

Astrology is the explanation


Al / Electricity / Electromagnetism / life-creating energy; means the life-giving energy that works and is always present at all times, in any organic matter. Every chemical / chemical reaction in the organic is an outgrowth of the energy that can flow in the organism depending on the resistance therein.


The whole Multi / Uni verse is a large cluster of energy cells, and each individual human being is born into his or her very special verse, which is quantum-energetically connected between the body and the sky.


The zodiac signs / body parts and where the planets / chakras are located in it, tell about the energy one is, and this is mapped by a reading of their locations. The signs of the zodiac and the planets are distributed in the body.


One's spiritual spiritual journey on earth is thus described when one is born with his very special energy DNA "fingerprint" of the Multi verse into one's Uni verse.


Thus, every organic matter has a natural awareness of what it is, and is affected daily by these energies that the Multi verse makes available.


Alchemy defines the journey through the unique energies of the various zodiac signs / stage settings, and the planets / chakras the actors on their journey through the energies of the scenes.


The connection between the organic matter and the sky is a natural process, and should be embraced by the organic as an observer standing in the middle and receiving these energies.


So alchemical astrology teaches man to come home to himself as the organism in the middle of the cobweb and as its master, and not as the actor who jumps from scene to scene. Such a process will tire the organism in the long run.

There are many interpretations of astrology. Alchemical astrology is in its essence, it brings man home to himself in accordance with nature, as the living biological organism it is.

So in its simple essence, it's about getting the corrance pondance in place with its chakras floating around in the sky.


Alchemy is here the definition of the energetic human being